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Bonding & Insurance


Northwest Linings bonding capacity is $10,000,000.  Northwest Linings bonding rate is roughly 2%.  Bonding costs are not included in our bids unless otherwise noted.


Northwest Linings standard insurance limits are as follows:

General Liability

  • Each Occurrence — $6,000,000
  • Personal & Adv. Injury — $6,000,000
  • General Aggregate — $10,000,000
  • Products – Comp/Op Agg. — $6,000,000
  • Excess Liability — $2,000,000
  • Contractor Pollution — $5,000,000
  • Automobile Liability, Combined Single Limit (each accident) — $1,000,000

Should these limits be inadequate for the project any premiums associated with increasing the providing Builders All-Risk Insurance, or purchasing any additional modifications to our policy will be the responsibility of the Contractor or Owner.  Additional insured can be named on our policy at no additional charge.

Completed Products Liability Coverage

Northwest Linings Insurance Policy Liability Coverage is $5,000,000. In addition, we also carry Completed Products Liability Insurance and a Pollution Rider.  The amount and type of coverage noted above is by far higher and broader coverage than most if not all of our competitors and protects you, the general contractor and your customer. This type of coverage is essential in the current market place and is more beneficial to you, the General contractor or owner, compared to any implied or written workmanship warranty. This type of insurance covers replacement materials; damage caused by the problem and all labor etc. to repair or replace the damaged geosynthetic materials.  Completed products liability coverage insurance not only protects your firm while we are on the project site working, but also covers our workmanship and the performance of the products installed once we have left the project site. Our insurance company, therefore, is in the loop of responsibility together with NW Linings for any future claims on our work. There is, as far as we are aware, no time period to which this insurance does not apply except as limited to the language in the contracts we sign and the applicable project specifications.

A project warranty does not include the insurance company as a backer or coinsurer but relies only on the assets and performance of the individual liner installation company issuing the warranty. A claim against the warranty of an under-insured liner installer or a subcontractor who cannot procure a project bond due to credit problems, is not redeemable. Also, bonds covering projects only last one year while completed projects liability insurance can cover up to 10 years depending upon the circumstances.


State and Local Taxes

We do not include any of these state or local taxes in our bids unless otherwise specifically indicated.

Northwest Linings works on construction projects throughout the United States and is subject to numerous state and local taxes; because of the wide variety of state and local taxes. As such, we are often not familiar with the tax structure particular to a specific bid. It is the responsibility of the General Contractor or Owner to add all state and local taxes to our bid if applicable to the project.