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Executive Team

Northwest Linings has been in business for over 43 years. Many of our key personnel have been with us for over 20 years, including key management, supervisors, and technicians that deploy and weld the liner systems. Meet a few of our executive team members here.


President: Scott W Newton

Education:    Bachelor of Arts Degree Business/Economics and Minor Degree in Government Law from Lafayette College.

Current Responsibilities:  As President of Northwest Linings, Scott oversees all of the day-to-day activities of the company as well as keeping daily contact with progress at construction sites and bid management.

Work History:  Scott has more than 25 years of experience in the geosynthetic industry.  He worked in the field as a master welder before becoming a superintendent in the summer of 1989.  During the next 3 years Scott was involved in more than 50 projects and installed over 3 million square feet of geomembrane.  He was also directly involved in the installation of two floating covers.  In the summer of 1993, Scott began working as an estimator and project manager in the construction department.  During the next two years Scott was responsible for estimating and project management of over 200 projects totaling more than 15 million square feet.  During this two year period he also spent a great deal of time consulting with engineers and owners on the design and cost estimates of various projects.  In 1995, he took over the geosynthetic sales division where he has spent time overseeing the sales force, consulting with engineers, bidding on private and public contract work, and visiting clients. In 2002, Scott was promoted to Vice President and was responsible for all aspects of sales, construction, marketing, growth, and many different financial and legal aspects of Northwest Linings.  In 2008, Scott was promoted to President.



Vice President Construction Operations: Kirk Lilleskare

Education: Bachelor of Arts Degree Business/Economics from the University of Washington

Current Responsibilities: Kirk oversees the entire construction division, all Project Managers, and staff personnel.

Work History: With 22 years of construction experience and 20 years of work specifically in the geosynthetic installation business, Kirk oversees projects from the estimating stage all the way to completion.  Kirk started with Northwest Linings in 1990 in the field working on an installation crew as a laborer then as a technician.  He installed over 5 million SF of Geomembrane lining in the field. From then he has worked in estimating and project management overseeing over 100 landfill liner and cap installations, hundreds of waste water treatment lagoon liner installations, many potable water reservoir liners/covers, and various other fuel containment and environmental remediation projects. In 2001, Kirk was promoted to Construction Operations Manager.  In 2008, he was promoted to Vice President of Construction Operations.



Field Operations Manager: Stan Kamienski

Education:  Stan began working for Northwest Linings in 1978. He has held every single job and  in the construction department including welding technician, foreman, quality control supervisor, safety officer, superintendent, as well as his current position. His extensive knowledge of all geosynthetic products, and their applications and liabilities, is unmatched in this industry.

Current Responsibilities:  Stan Deals with all site superintendents, job foreman, senior technicians, and crews on a daily basis. He oversees and supervises daily project progress, equipment and maintenance situations, safety, and human resource items that occur at the various project sites.

Work History:  After working for Northwest Linings as a field technician and foreman from 1978 to 1995, Stan rejoined the company in 2000 in the capacity of Field Operations Manager.  In this position, Stan is responsible for ensuring all field personnel are properly trained on safety and installation, assigning crews to projects, ensuring projects are completed on schedule, and maintaining project quality control requirements.  Stan has installed and supervised over 120,000,000 SF of geomembrane liner applications including HDPE, PVC, Polypropylene, XR-5, Hypalon, and other materials.  His project experience includes wastewater treatment ponds and lagoons, golf course ponds, decorative lakes, water reservoirs, landfills, tanks, and floating covers.  Northwest Linings certifies that Stan has completed over 25,000,000 SF of PVC & HDPE applications and over 10,000,000 SF of reinforced polypropylene and Hypalon.