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Central Maui Landfill – Maui, HI



PROJECT OUTLINE: Construct a new landfill cell at the Central Maui Landfill on the island of Maui, Hawaii.

CONSTRUCTION DETAILS: Deploy multiple layers of geosynthetics into an open landfill and connect to the adjacent landfill cell. The subgrade was prepared using select onsite soils. Slopes and floor of the cell were graded to allow for movement of the leachate to the sump area located in an adjacent cell previously constructed. An anchor trench was dug at the top of the slope and the various layers of geosynthetics were secured in the anchor trench and deployed downhill. Once the slope materials were installed, the bottom materials were deployed so that rain water would drain off the liner moving downhill to the prepared subgrade. The multiple layers consisted of a Geosynthetic clay liner deployed on the finished subgrade, next a 60mil layer of textured HDPE was deployed on top of that and finally drainage composite was deployed on top of the HDPE. Two feet of select free draining soil was placed on top of the drainage composite. The garbage would then be placed on this layer of soil. Leachate will filter down through the soil and onto the geocomposite where it will flow to the collection sump and be pumped up to the leachate collection pond for treatment.


PROJECT: Central Maui Landfill Expansion 2010

LOCATION: Maui, Hawaii

CONTRACTOR: Goodfellow Bros. Inc.

LINER INSTALLER: Northwest Linings & Geotextile Products, Inc.

MATERIAL: GCL Clay Liner, 60mil Textured HDPE, Double-sided 10oz Geocomposite

AREA: 250,000 SF