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Subgrade Stabilization – Kitsap County, WA




PROBLEM: A county road needed to be constructed over an area of varying terrain, and semi stable and loose soils.

SOLUTION: The design engineer, decided that it would be prudent to incorporate a geogrid Geosynthetic fabric within the lower layer of the roadbed in order to offer stability for the upper layers as well as reduce and eliminate the chances of future potholes being developed. Geogrids spread the loading of the upper layers and the net result is lower pressures being applied to the base ground below. Less excavation and less fill is then required for the project.

CONSTRUCTION DETAILS: The rough road bed was cut and filled to compensate for the undulating ground on site. A layer of high strength geogrid was deployed over the entire area at the design width of the road with shoulders. Additional layers of select fill were placed over the geogrid. A 6 inch crushed gravel base was next deployed, and the final double layer of black top was applied to finish off the multiple layered roadway.

PROJECT: Feigley Road

LOCATION: Kitsap County, Washington

CONTRACTOR: Bruch and Bruch

MATERIAL: Synteen Geogrid SF12

AREA: 85,000 SF