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Elbright Creek Stream Diversion Tubes – Redmond, WA



PROBLEM: The contractor needed to divert the stream flow to allow construction in the channel.  The length of diversion needed was approximately 400 lineal feet from the lake it eventually flowed into.

SOLUTION: Northwest Linings supplied a two foot diameter, fish safe, reinforced stream diversion tube to divert the water flow around construction in the channel.

CONSTRUCTION DETAILS: The stream diversion tube was connected upstream around a 36” culvert.  The tube was directed around the construction area diverting the water into the lake 400 feet from the culvert.  The flexibility of the tube allowed it to bend without disrupting flows.  In addition, directional changes were accomplished without using pipe or cutting the tube.

PROJECT: Ebright Creek Stream Restoration


LINER INSTALLER: Northwest Linings & Geotextile Products, Inc.

MATERIAL: Two Foot Diameter Stream Diversion Tube

AREA: 400 LF