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Aviation Wash Down Pond – Honolulu, HI


Case Study: Wash Down Pond for Airplanes –  Primary Containment

PROBLEM: Contaminated wash water from the washing of airplanes was seeping into the ground water table from unlined waste water ponds.

SOLUTION: Wash water ponds were reconfigured and a 30 Mil PVC Geomembrane was installed adjacent to the wash down area. Wash down water flows into these ponds which are lined with the geomembrane and then covered with 12 inches of soil and black top and evaporates quickly in the Hawaiian environment.

CONSTRUCTION DETAILS: The subgrade was prepared using a select soil. Piping was located within the subgrade. Three custom prefabricated panels of 30 mil PVC (10,000 Square Foot each) were deployed in 4 hours, and a technician installed prefabricated boot seals to the pipes over the next hour. 12 inches of select soil was placed over the geomembrane, and a 4 inch layer of crushed rock with a 3 inch layer of asphalt were added to complete the installation.

Project: General aviation airplane wash-down pond

Location: Honolulu International Airport

Contractor: Triton Marine Construction Corporation

MateriaL: 30 mil PVC

Size: 30,000 square feet