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PermeaTex Triangular Silt Dikes


The Triangular Silt Dike barrier is an easily installed, economical solution to bale checks, silt fence, and rock check dams. The Triangular Silt Dike barrier keeps erosive soils on roadside, industrial and commercial construction sites. Made with lightweight and durable materials, Triangular Silt Dike barrier weighs just 7-9 pounds per 7 foot section and installs in minutes with U-shaped wire staples. The flexibility of the barrier allows it to be installed on rough and rocky terrain while the protective aprons on both sides of the barrier help to prevent erosion and failure of the structure.

Typical Applications are:

  • Ditch Check Dams
  • Diversion Dikes
  • Drop Inlet Protection
  • Temporary Ditch Liner
  • Stream & Pond Protection

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