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PermeaTex Straw Wattles & Excelsior Logs


PermeaTex Straw Wattles and Excelsior Logs are elongated tubes of compacted straw or wood fibers; the containment netting on the wattles and excelsior logs is comprised of a photodegradable or biodegradable material. Both products are typically used as  check dams; acting as water flow dissipaters in channels, shortening slope length to reduce run-off velocity and as a perimeter control BMP. Most commonly straw wattles are available in 8.5-9” diameter and 10’ or 25’ length; excelsior logs are typically larger, with a 12-18” diameter and 10 or 20’ length.

Typical Applications are:

  • Check Dams
  • Water Flow Dissipators in Channels
  • Shortening Slope Length to Reduce Run-Off Velocity
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