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Sediment and Silt Containment Bags

Sediment and Silt containment bags are constructed out of heavy (14 oz to 20 oz per Square Yard) woven polypropylene yarns. These products are often custom made to size. The size is determined by water flow rates and how much sediment the owner wants to capture over a certain individual or several rain events. The purpose of the bags are to collect dirty water containing sediment, and allow the bag to act as a filter to allow the debris free water to flow out of the bag back into a stream or pond holding area. Small Bags are often placed on the end of corrugated drain pipe to filter out the sediment for example.

Typical Applications

  • Heavy Sediment Collection from Pipes
  • Sediment or debris collection from Specific Dirty Water Source
  • Overflow Water Collection from a Construction Site Pond before Draining into a Nearby Stream
  • Sediment Collection from a Storm Pond Overflow or Inlet into the Pond.
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