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Baffle Curtains for Contact Chambers

Chlorine Contact Chambers are designed to add chlorine to an incoming water source and require a time of residence between the water and the chlorine. Since the treatment structures are usually concrete and square or round, it is necessary to construct a series of baffles which direct the drinking water in a flow pattern that gives it the residence life required for adequate treatment. The most cost effective method of creating this baffle system is to hang geomembrane baffles from a batten bar structure attached to the ceiling of the contact chamber and also attached to the concrete floor of the chamber. This eliminates the short circuiting of water between the inlet and outlet pipes that would occur without a baffle system.

Typical Applications are:

  • Potable water tanks
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment Facilities
  • Reservoirs
  • Spill Containment
  • Contact Chambers
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