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Floating Silt and Debris Curtains and Booms

Silt and Debris curtains and booms come in many sizes to fit any specific job. The main objective of curtains and booms is to contain silt or debris from getting out of a construction area into the main water way. Common applications include construction sites along shorelines or bays, rivers, lakes and sloughs. Silt and debris curtains and booms are also used to contain oil waste from a spill or potential spill site.
  • Oil Containment Booms
  • Separation curtains for effluent entering a body of water
  • Floating Debris curtains alongside construction sites
  • Silt Curtains to protect water ways and lakes
  • Floating filtration booms meant to filter out waste water
  • Heavy Duty Floating Booms deployed over long periods of time, or under heavy wave action conditions
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