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Polyethylene Embedment Channel (PEC)

PEC when cast in place, or inserted into wet concrete and allowed to fully cure, provides a secure mechanical anchor suitable for geomembrane attachment on the exposed surface of the PEC.



PEC must be cut and butt-welded together to provide a continuous seal for corners and shapes.

Cuts made to the PEC should be square and smooth with no nicks or gouges and free of contaminants such as dirt, water, grease, or other foreign materials.

Butt-welding of the PEC is typically done by heat fusion using a hot air tool with a welding mirror attachment, or a double sided butt welding hot plate.

The two ends of PEC are placed firmly in contact with the mirror attachment or hot plate until softened to a 1/8″ bead. With the hot air tool removed, the two pieces are then pressed together with enough pressure to produce a 1/8″ roll back bead and the resulting weld allowed to cool.


Attachment to forms

Prior to concrete placement the PEC should be attached to the inside of the concrete form with finishing nails. Finishing nails should be 1″ or smaller and driven flush with the surface of the PEC at sufficient points of contact so that the PEC has a flush fit with the concrete form.



Concrete adjacent to the PEC should be free of voids, and any sharp edges beveled smooth. After the concrete has set and the forms are stripped finishing nails can be clipped, and any concrete on the exposed face of the PEC removed.